Water Pump Controller, Briidea RV Water Pump Switch 12VDC, 10A for Water Pump, Lighting, Fans in RV, Boat

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  • EASY WIRING & COST REDUCTION: Briidea water pump controller is designed to operate as a remote switch in 12 volt DC systems. Minimizing the use of heavy gauge wire runs throughout your RV or boat. Only two wires need to be run from the power supply to the pump, which reduces installation costs.
  • CONVENIENT CONTROL: Multiple switches (as many as desired) can be added wherever you can easily operate, allowing you to control the pump more conveniently and quickly.
  • WATER PUMP POWER: The water pump controller can be powered by the battery or the converter, two ways for your choice.
  • DURABLE & SAFE: The whole controller is covered with PC+ABS V0 grade flame retardant material, less heat during use , more safety and guarantees a longer service life.
  • MULTIFUNCTION: Besides controlling the water pump, it can also control a variety of other loads such as lighting, fans, other pumps etc.

Briidea Water Pump Controller

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