Soft Start for RV Air Conditioner, Briidea Soft Starter Enables Easy Start an A/C & Appliances on RV Power with a Small Generator

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Kevin Essex

I will not be able to install that unit until March or April. You will have to wait till then. Thanks. Kevin



  • WHY CHOOSE US: With a soft starter, only a 2200w generator is needed to start a 15,000 BTU air conditioning unit, effectively reducing peak starting power and the occurrence of circuit breaker tripping, allowing your refrigerator, hair dryer, TV, fan, and heater to start at low power as well
  • REDUCE NOISE: Briidea Soft Start can reduce 65%-70% of the air conditioning starting current, reduce the starting load of the generator, and allow your compressor to rise smoothly, reducing mechanical noise and vibration, bringing you a better sleeping experience, while also reducing the damage to the machine and effectively extending its service life
  • HAPPY TRAVEL: You can run one air conditioner on a 20 amp household hookup and two air conditioners on a 30 amp hookup (install 2 units), so you don't need to have or carry multiple or large generators on your RV, and make your A/C fit into most limited utility power supplies (e.g. 30amp rv parks), making your travels much easier
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE: The product adopts a high-quality ABS enclosure, which is flame retardant and strong protection, with built-in overload and short circuit protection, conducive to operating stable and safe, is your ideal choice
  • EASILY CONNECT: The 5 wires of the product are color coded for easy identification of the connection. The product is typically compatible with Dometic, Coleman and many other brands of air conditioners on the market. If you are inexperienced, it is highly recommended to call a professional electrician for installation

    Why choose Briidea Soft Start?

    Briidea is a manufacturer with professional technology and almost 20 years of experience in intelligent automatic control equipment production. We build up our own product development team. We believe the true destination of technology is to make life better and easier. To assure the highest products possible from beginning to end, we never stop our steps on the way to exploring and developing.


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