Briidea RV Propane Alarm, Propane Gas Detector with 85dB Loud Alarm, 12 VDC

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  • DIGITAL TUBE DISPLAY: Our propane gas alarm is mainly used in the RV to detect whether propane leakage, the digital tube will display real- time of the current propane value (%LEL), so you can see at a glance whether the current propane concentration is safe or not
  • EASY TO SET: Our Propane monitor can set the propane alarm value: 2%LEL-20%LEL (default value is 5%LEL). When the detected propane value is greater than the value you set, the buzzer will alarm to remind you to take measures to reduce the propane concentration in the RV as soon as possible. There is also a mute function after the alarm
  • 85dB LOUD ALARM: The RV propane gas detector can give you rapid Di-Di-Di sound when gas-leaking happens, volume more than 85dB loud enough to be heard up to 100ft, reduce the risk of explosion, protect the life and property safety of you and your family
  • UL LISTED PROPANE SENSOR: Our propane alarm are more sensitive and reliable with Japanese Figaro sensors, certified by Listing Standard ANSI /UL1484, can more accurately detect the propane gas in the air. The service life is 5 years. After 5 years, it will be sent out to remind you that the product is expired to escort your safety
  • POWER SUPPLY AND CURRENT DRAW: 12 VDC 75mA @ 12 VDC, easy to install, can directly replace your propane alarm which is about to expire. Warm reminder: for propane gas detection, install our propane detector from 4 to 20 inches off the floor

Package Includes:

-1 * Propane Detector

-1* Users Guide

-1 * Screwdriver

-2 * Screws

-2 * Terminal Cap

-2 * Screw Anchors

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