Fuse Popper HVAC, Briidea HVAC Troubleshooting Tools with Light, Used to Quickly Locate Shorts in 24 VAC Circuits, Reusable

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  • RAPID SHORT DETECTION: Swiftly identifies shorts in 24VAC circuits, protect HVAC electrical equipment, and reduce the risk of fire hazards
  • REUSABLE: Once the short is fixed, the product's circuit will automatically restore, allowing for repeated use
  • INGENIOUS DESIGN: Incorporating UL-certified red and black wires for effortless polarity distinction. Equipped with alligator clips and insulated sleeves, prioritizing your convenience, safety, and user-friendliness
  • SIMPLE OPERATION: Just fix the product to the area you want to test, and the indicator light will flash to indicate a short circuit in that part
  • COST-EFFECTIVE: Eliminating the cumbersome fuse positioning, saving your valuable wealth and time

Why choose Briidea HVAC Troubleshooting Tools?

Briidea is a manufacturer with professional technology and almost 20 years of experience in intelligent automatic control equipment production. We build up our own product development team. We believe the true destination of technology is to make life better and easier. To assure the highest products possible from beginning to end, we never stop our steps on the way to exploring and developing.




STEP 1: Disconnect the load that you want to detect

STEP 2: Clamp the alligator clip to a circuit that may have short-circuited

STEP 3: Flashing indicator light indicates a short circuit

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