Carbon Monoxide Detector for Car, Briidea Low-Level Fast 9ppm Alarm CO Detector, Widely Used in Vehicles Aircraft Travel Bus Trucks, Black

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  • SAFE TRAVEL: The product is tailored for the car and aircraft environment, real-time measurement of carbon monoxide content in the air, and when the concentration reaches a certain value, respectively, a suitable alarm will be issued to avoid unnecessary distractions while driving and to achieve the effect of reminding ventilation, to protect you and your family's travel safety
  • SMART PROGRESSIVE ALARMS: When CO concentration reaches 9ppm, the red light flashes to warn the negative to health, if there are pregnant women, the elders or children inside, better open the window for ventilation. When it reaches 25ppm, the equipment will additionally emit a loud siren, you should open the window right away. The thresholds are based on CO level exposure limit recommended by WHO, EPA, ASHRAE, OSHA, and NIOSH, and the time of trigger will vary with different values
  • BETTER AND MORE CONVENIENT DESIGN: Briidea uses a sensitive Japanese sensor with ventilation holes all around the product, allowing air to pass freely through the interior to fully measure the carbon monoxide level to protect passengers and you more effectively. Max button to query peak at one step, timely providing information of the pollution level; all functions at a glance, easy to use
  • RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERY: The product is equipped with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery and a USB charging cable, allowing you free from the trouble of battery replacement, besides equipped with low power consumption components to meet long-term travel needs, and minimize your economic and time costs
  • APPLICATION: The product is suitable for indoor environment carbon monoxide detection in airliners, light aircraft, helicopters, cars, RVs, trucks, etc. Stronger and wider detection ability: 0-1999 ppm

Do you feel dizzy, especially in summer and winter when going out by car or plane? Due to closed windows and the risk of the air-conditioning system itself, the probability of inhaling carbon monoxide multiplies, leading to the risk of dizziness, coma, and poisoning.

A CO detector aims for cars and aircraft: The product is tailor-made for cars and aircraft to detect CO concentration. It can be hung or pasted in the car or cabin to measure the real-time concentration of carbon monoxide. The low-power consumption and rechargeable design can meet the needs of long-term travel, and the low-level threshold values satisfy the actual needs inside the car and cabin. When the concentration reaches the thresholds, the product will issue alarms in a progressive way (red LED flashing & 70dB audible buzzer vary) to achieve sufficient reminding with minimal unnecessary distractions while driving. Compared to home CO detectors, our device has a fast alarm (9ppm) alarm, special for car and plane environments while the home co detector requires 70ppm or higher concentration. It can also be applied for tents, boats, gas heating stove, and other confined and small spaces for fast and accurate CO monitoring.

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