briidea Ultrasonic Bat Removal, Bat Away System, Demands Bats to Flee, Human and Pet Safe

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Briidea Bat Remover is an effective and long-lasting device which produces two powerful ultrasonic sound streams, and that will drive bats out of your home. Different frequency of sound means that bats cannot develop an immunity to the pulses. It is no chemicals, odor and radiation. The sound waves which human and pets can’t hear, so it is 100% safe for human and pets. Widely effective coverage and super easy installation methods allow you to place it anywhere you want and very easy to use. Then we can say goodbye to the unwanted guests.

  • BAT TARGETING: Dual speakers project two powerful ultrasonic sound streams, creating an unbearable environment for bat. Multiple bat removal options to choose from. Bats will never adapt to variable sounds. The ultrasonic attacks bats' auditory and nervous system, making them unable to navigate, ultimately driving them away
  • EFFECTIVE: Continuous use of this ultrasonic bat remover for 16~20 days can achieve obvious results. Bats are creatures with individual differences, the effect varies from place to place, please be patient and persevere. Then we can say goodbye to bats
  • HUMAN AND PET SAFE: Eco-friendly, no chemicals, no odor and radiation. Ultrasonic sound is inaudible to human and pets, so it's absolutely harmless
  • WIDE COVERAGE AREA: The bat remover covers up to 7000 sq. ft in open areas(meaning areas without walls, doors etc). If there are many obstacles in the way or the bat problem is severe, using multiple units will work great
  • SUPER EASY INSTALLATION: Two installation methods, you can use screws to fix, or use strong nano-markless hook sticker to attach directly to the wall. Easy to hang overhead, plug-and-play

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