Briidea Power Failure Alarm with LED Indicator & 120dB Siren, Powered by Rechargeable Battery (Included), Perfect for Monitoring Refrigerators, Freezers, Sump Pumps, Aquariums

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  • FUNCTION & EFFECT: Briidea Power Failure Alarm will inform you of the power problem through LED flashing and 120dB super loud siren. When you connect the product to a high-power electrical appliance with a breaker in the circuit, if the breaker switch trips, it can make a one-to-one targeted alarm to remind you to troubleshoot circuit problems and rescue related property and equipment
  • COMBINATION OF BEAUTY & PRACTICALITY: The product has smooth and concise lines with pure white matte texture, no extra cords exposed, effecting a better appearance with walls and outlets, and harmonious style. Compared with traditional power failure alarms, Briidea has its own access jack with the ability to connect electrical appliances directly, therefore it's more friendly to users with limited plug holes, and it won't affect the surrounding plug-in space, leading an intimate use experience
  • THE FIRST CHOICE FOR ECONOMICAL & CONVENIENT: The built-in rechargeable high-quality lithium battery frees you from replacement trouble and saves you the economic and time cost over it. The function of automatic charging as the power applied allows no risk of missed alarm caused by forgetting battery charging or replacement to have a 24-hour awareness of the power condition. Compared with NiMH battery, the lithium battery is also stronger and longer-lasting on endurance power and service time
  • EASY ALARM RELEASE: When the power is restored, the alarm will automatically stop, or you can manually dismiss the alarm with one key by gently pressing a button without unplugging the product from the outlet, easily and simply
  • HIGHER RATED CURRENT, WIDER APPLICATIONS: The rated current is 16A, working great for all electrical appliances with current not exceeding 120V 16A and compatible with more high-power electrical appliances such as refrigerator, portable air conditioner, aquarium air pump, Sewage pump, oven, full-automatic feeder, oxygen machine, dehumidifier, etc. Indoor use only

Why Choose Briidea Power Failure Alarm?

Briidea is a manufacturer with professional technology and almost 20 years of experience in intelligent automatic control equipment production. We build up our own product development team. We believe the true destination of technology is to make life better and easier. To assure the highest products possible from beginning to end, we never stop our steps on the way to exploring and developing.

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