Briidea Electric Humidifiers for Cabinet (10-50 Cubic Ft.), 60% RH~80% RH Humidity Setting Values, Perfect Monitoring Temperature and Humidity, 12V Adapter Power Supply

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  • PERFECT MONITORING TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY: Maintain your valuable treasures in optimum condition with precise temperature and humidity monitoring. No more concerns about excessive dampness affecting your collection. The smart humidifier diligently oversees the environment, ensuring your items are perfectly stored for your enjoyment at any moment.
  • ACCURATELY REGULATED: Set your desired humidity level (60%RH~80%RH) to keep your belongings at the best levels. This upgraded humidifier acts as a dependable companion, providing continuous protection and preserving your items in an ideal humidity setting.
  • CREATE AN EVEN HUMIDITY ENVIRONMENT: The water tank has expanded water beads to balance the humidity release. (Use only distilled or purified water). Also the fans between the sensor control unit will circulate to ensure uniform humidity distribution. These two aspects guarantee that the humidifier will works like a charm.
  • SMART LCD DISPLAY: New upgraded LED display can easily read the temperature, humidity and adjust preset humidity values. The LCD display can be seen from a distance without opening the cigar cabinet. With a 6-foot extension cord, you can easily install it anywhere you like.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The compact briidea humidifier is recommended to fit in the middle of the top of a 10-50 cubic ft. cabinet. 12V adapter power supply can be quickly connected to the home plug. So if you want to install the humidifier at your cabinet, briidea humidifier is the way to go.





LCD display

Easily read the temp, humidity and adjust preset humidity values.

Working & warning light

Check working status in time to make adjustments if necessary

Water adding port

Use only distilled or purified water, average refill time is once every two weeks

Circulate fans

Two powerful fans help to uinform humidility distribution


Want to choose a new humidifier --- Briidea humidifier is the way to go


  • Circulate fans --- Ensure uniform humidity distribution
  • LCD display --- Reads the temp and humidity value clearly
  • Water beads --- Balance the humidity release
  • 6 foot extension cord --- Easily install in the cabinet
  • 12V power adapter --- Connect to home piug quickly

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