Transfer Panel (60A/60A), Briidea Transfer Switch for Portable Generators 15,000 Watts, Manual Transfer Switch Kit

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  • SAFE: Preventing dangerous back-feeding to avoid injuring utility line workers, and also protect your generator. Interlocked breakers completely isolate the generator from the utility at all times
  • EASY & CONVENIENT: Easily switches from utility to 60-amp portable generator power in an emergency. Eliminating the need for multiple extension cords. Installing a transfer switch is the most convenient way to feed power from a generator to important circuits you want to use
  • COMPATIBLE: Designed for generators up to 240 volts, 15,000 maximum running watts. Offers circuit breaker combinations of 60A for generators and 60A for utility
  • VERSATILE: May be used as main panel for a single load or to feed a sub-panel
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: The pre-wired transfer switch and sixteen combination knockouts makes for easy wiring. Highly recommended to call professional electrician to install if you are not experience
  • Briidea generator transfer switch

    Why Do I Need A Transfer Switch?

    First of all, having a transfer switch in your home is a requirement of the National Electric Code. It is recommended to use a transfer switch whenever you want to connect an appliance to your portable generator.

    Besides, installing a transfer switch in your home is the most efficient way of powering your home during a power outage. It is also the safest since most electrical appliances such as furnaces and air conditioning units cannot be connected directly to a portable generator using an extension cord.

    Wiring Diagram

    Wiring Diagram

    1.Move Utility circuit breaker handle to the “ GEN” position.

    2.Insert the male power cord connector plug into the appropriate outlet on the generator. Rotate to lock.

    3.Plug the female end of the power cord from the generator into the power inlet that is interconnected to the transfer panel. Rotate to lock.

    4.Start the generator, following the procedures described in the generator owner’ s manual furnished by the generator manufacturer.

    5.Alternate use of larger loads such as furnace motors, well pumps, freezers, etc., so that the capacity of the generator is not exceeded. Do not attempt to operate any loads in excess of the capacity of the generator.

    Package Include

    Package Include

    The transfer switch kit for generators provides all the accessories you need

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