PWM Controller, Briidea DC 12-48V 35A Waterproof Motor Speed Controller with Forward-Brake-Reverse Switch, Adjustable Potentiometer and LED Display, Easy Assembly, Perfect for Trolling Boat Motor

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  • UNLIMITED VARIABLE SPEED: Briidea Governor with embedded 12 high-performance MOS tubes, allowing you to easily achieve accurate, fast, stable and smooth 0-100% motor variable speed, and with LED screen, accurate and real-time display of the rotation value
  • EXCELLENT WATERPROOF PERFORMANCE: Compared to the market products, Briidea Governor with IP65 level waterproof performance, so you can easily face water damage, puddles, rainwater and other situations, ideal for trolling boat engines, and built-in high-efficiency thermal conductivity sheet to extend the product life
  • EASY TO CONNECT: You can connect this product directly with wires without the need to make terminals connect. Support up to 6AWG wire access, suitable for most trolling boat engines. Note: The positive and negative terminals of the power supply cannot be reversed, otherwise it will be damaged
  • SWITCH FUNCTION: Briidea Governor comes with a high-power speed switch, is more adaptable, and provides positive and negative motion keys, easily changing the direction of the motor
  • WIDELY USED: The product is used to control DC brush motors, supporting DC12-48V voltage access, continuous current 35A, peak 60A, which meets the specifications of most devices containing brush motors, such as: trolling boat engines, blowers, fans, electric weeders, etc
PWM controller for controlling dc brush motor speed

Briidea PWM Governor with its sensitive control, excellent waterproof performance, and revolutionary connection, is especially suitable for trolling boat motor, providing efficient speed control, forward and reverse control for your trolling boat, and greatly reducing the waste of your trolling boat battery energy, extending your cruising time and battery life, therefore, it is an indispensable and excellent companion on your trolling boat!

versatile, power saving, waterproof

pwm controller perfect for trolling boat, fan,  blowers, fans, electric weeders

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