Chair Alarm For Elderly Dementia Patients, Briidea Chair Alarms and Fall Prevention for Elderly, Dual Protection of Lighting and Sound, Easy to Clean, Protecting The Safety of Wheelchair Users

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  • SAFETY ALERT: Briidea chair alarm for elderly dementia patients ensures that you stay closely connected with your loved ones. When the person you are caring for leaves the wheelchair, the sensitive sensor immediately triggers an alarm sound and flashing alert, enabling you to respond promptly. It provides accident prevention for you and ensures the safety of the person you care about
  • DOUBLE PROTECTION: Briidea chair alarms and fall prevention for elderly provides a loud alarm sound of up to 80 decibels, ensuring that your caregivers can immediately hear and respond to emergency situations. Additionally, it features LED flashing lights, offering you meticulous peace of mind through dual protection of both visual and auditory cues
  • WATERPROOF AND DURABLE: The seat cushion of Briidea chair alarm for elderly dementia patients is made of PVC material, ensuring waterproof durability and easy cleaning. Its highly sensitive sensor and excellent anti-interference performance allow you to rely on its stable and reliable alarm function with confidence, whether indoors or outdoors
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Chair alarms and fall prevention for elderly, equipped with a sensor cushion and alarm device, is easy to install and requires only a simple connection. We offer three installation options: screw installation, 3M adhesive tape, and hanging rope installation, allowing you to freely choose based on the wheelchair's functionality and form, making it effortless to install the alarm
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION: Briidea chair alarm is widely applicable in various settings, whether it's for personal use or in medical facilities, nursing homes, public spaces, and more. It provides exceptional security for you. Whether you are a senior citizen, a person with disabilities, or a caregiver, our alarm system will be your most reliable partner, offering unparalleled peace of mind and safety

Why choose Briidea chair alarms and fall prevention for elderly?

Briidea is a manufacturer with professional technology and almost 20 years of experience in intelligent automatic control equipment production. We build up our own product development team. We believe the true destination of technology is to make life better and easier. To assure the highest products possible from beginning to end, we never stop our steps on the way to exploring and developing.




Screw installation

3M adhesive tape

Hanging rope installation

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