Briidea Three Zone Switching Relay for Zone Temperature Control, Compatible with Hydraulic Heating Systems (Boilers), with Built-in Multiple Protections

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  • FULL COMPATIBILITY: The Briidea American-style Central Air Conditioning Zone Relay Expander is specifically designed to meet your heating needs. It seamlessly integrates with hydronic heating systems (boilers) and universal thermostats, ensuring consistent home temperatures
  • REGIONAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Using the Central Air Conditioning Zone Relay Expander allows for the division of the heating system into multiple zones, enabling it to regulate the operation of the boiler according to your needs. This way, you can provide precise heating based on the requirements of different zones, thereby improving energy efficiency and saving on energy costs
  • SECURE AND RELIABLE: We prioritize safety down to the details, with features like priority switching and built-in priority protection, ensuring a trustworthy user experience. Additionally, we've equipped fuse protection to guarantee the safe operation of your device in any circumstance
  • INSTANT DIAGNOSTIC FEEDBACK: Our unique external diagnostic light provides instant diagnostic feedback, allowing you to stay informed about the system's operational status at all times. This enables you to quickly identify and address potential issues, ensuring your indoor environment remains comfortable
  • UL CERTIFIED RELAYS: Briidea relays are UL certified, complying with international safety standards to ensure product quality and reliability, providing you with a confidence-inspiring user experience

Why choose Briidea three zone switch relay?

Briidea is a manufacturer with professional technology and almost 20 years of experience in intelligent automatic control equipment production. We build up our own product development team. We believe the true destination of technology is to make life better and easier. To assure the highest products possible from beginning to end, we never stop our steps on the way to exploring and developing.


By using a relay extender, you can divide the heating system into multiple areas, each of which can be independently controlled. This allows you to personalize heating adjustments based on the needs of each area to provide a more comfortable indoor environment. For example, you can set different temperatures between the bedroom and living room, and adjust them flexibly according to your needs.


Briidea three zone switch relay extender in hydraulic heating systems can improve the intelligence, convenience, and efficiency of the heating system, thereby providing you with a more comfortable and economical indoor environment.

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