Briidea RV Electric Water Hybrid Heater Kits, Converts RV LP Gas Water Heater to 120V Electricity, 6 Gallon Capacity, Compatible with Suburban and Atwood Water Heater

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  • DESIGN CONCEPT: Briidea RV Hot Water Hybrid Heat Kit adds value to the function of the heating system on RVs, caravans, motorhomes whereby the water tank will not only rely on LPG (propane) for heating but also the electricity, which is safer and less costly. For those who already have electric heating system, our products are easy to assemble and operate, and it's a good choice to keep them in your vehicle as a spare replacement part for emergencies
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY & EASY INSTALLATION: Brass bushings are available in 1/2” and 3/4” sizes for compatibility with most Atwood and Suburban water tanks. Connect the heating rod to the brass bushing when assembling, and then insert the heating rod into the position of the anode rod (drain plug ) on the water tank. All cords are color-coded and require no expertise, allowing you to quickly identify and install the corresponding connectors to complete the process
  • ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT & INDEPENDANT SWITCH: Thermostat can be set according to your needs. The combination used with the heating rod will provide you with a comfortable and constant water temperature, which can effectively avoid problems such as water tank freezing when traveling in cold areas to have a smooth day. An independent switch is provided, and the metal bracket required for installation is attached for convenience, which results in individual and safe control of the heat kit
  • 304 STAINLESS STEEL HEATING ROD & ACCESSORIES: The heating rod is made of 304 stainless steel, which is durable and excellent thermal conductive. Furthermore, 304 steel is lead-free, leading no harmful substances into the water, conducive to water purity and human health. In addition, the product comes with nylon bellows, terminal protection cover, and other materials such as screws and tape for need
  • CAUTION: The power of the heating rod is 425w, which is suitable for heating a 6-gallon water tank. Requires more heating time when heating a larger water tank (10, 12 gallons). Make sure enough water in the water tank when heating. Try to stick the thermostat on the plane of the water tank and ensure there is no tape on the sensing hole, otherwise, it will block and shield the sensing hole, resulting in insensitive temperature conduction and unexpected water temperature
Briidea RV Hot Water Hybrid Heat Kit
Briidea RV Hot Water Hybrid Heat Kit Better Than Propane

Briidea RV Hot Water Hybrid Heat Kit, an excellent substitute for expensive and inconvenient propane heating, heats water tank with electricity! Besides, the product is easy to assemble. It's a wonderful choice for keeping the kit in vehicles for emergencies as well!

Expose the sensing hole
Be careful to tape around the sensor hole or it may lead to unexpected water temperature for blocking or shielding reasons.
Enough water in tank

Never leave empty tank when starting the heater. Make sure enough water in it.


6.6 ft wires are provided for convenient installation. Color-to-Color easy assembly. Consult the manual or search “ RV hybrid heat kit installation” on Youtube for more details.

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