Briidea Heating PID Temperature Controller, -40℉~302℉/-40℃~150℃, Independent Pump Control, Pre-Wired Digital Home Brewing Controller, P/S/M Three Modes, Precise Temperature Setting & Adjustment

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  • CUSTOMIZED FOR HOME BREWING: This temperature controller is the optimal choice for home brewing enthusiasts, allowing perfect control over parameters such as mashing temperature and fermentation temperature. P/S/M three temperature control modes allow you to unlock the art of flavor and enjoy the unique texture and taste of brewing.
  • EXCELLENT TEMPERATURE CONTROL: The PID temperature controller stands out with its high-precision PID algorithm, enabling precise control of the heater to ensure a constant temperature during the malt saccharification process. It automatically adjusts the heating element's power based on the difference between the process and set temperatures(-40℉~302℉/-40℃~150℃), achieving even more accurate temperature control.
  • USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE: Plug and play, its simplified software logic suitable for beginners and experts. The intuitive control interface facilitates easy programming and temperature adjustments, also have alarm function to remind you too high/low temperature, meet your specific brewing needs.
  • INDEPENDENT PUMP CONTROL FOR ALL-IN-ONE BREWING: Experience the convenience of brewing with an independent pump control. Combining temperature control and pump operation into a single unit streamlines and enhances the brewing process, enabling easy and precise preparation of your beer.
  • ENHANCED CONVENIENCE AND DURABILITY: Replaceable overload fuses, built-in cooling fan, and surge protection components (MOV) ensure device longevity and user safety. With a flexible 16-foot temperature sensor for versatile installation and a space-saving 90-degree angled plug for the power cord, each detail is designed for your satisfaction.

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