Briidea Adjustable Pool Fountain Waterfall Spray

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  • COOLING POOL FOUNTAIN: The pool fountain is like a aerator and cooler, it helps lower pool temperature in hot summer days. A great pool accessories to make water circulate better and keep it fresh. The soothing and relaxing sound of water allows you and your family to enjoy the perfect backyard atmosphere, wonderful summer time in the pool!
  • PERFECTLY FITS POOLS: The pool waterfall fits most 1.5'' threaded return fittings, works for above ground and in ground pools and can be hidden underwater when not in use. Please measure your pool's return port size before ordering. Intex and Coleman pools with other threads sizes may not fit.
  • SUPER EASY ASSEMBLY: Several minutes tops that's all it takes, quick and easy. Simply turn off your pool pump, remove return eye fitting, install fountain on return jet (fits 1-1/2 inch threaded return jet fittings), and adjust water flow and direction. Then you can enjoy the wonderful waterfall splash. Installation manual is attached.
  • ADJUSTABLE FLEXIBILITY: The spray height and direction are fully adjustable. The spray height can be adjusted up to 14ft/5m depending on the pool pump used. You can get a better waterfall splash by using 3/4 hp or larger pump. The water outlet is stable, won't spin or bounce around or popping off like the flow ones.
  • DURABLE & RELIABLE: Briidea pool sprinkler fountain is made of ABS plastic material, which is not easy to yellowing and brittle, anti-corrosion, high impact resistance. Professional machine punching, the sprayed waterfall does not bifurcate, and the spray angle is accurate. Silicone rubber ring to seal and prevent leakage.

best summer time in the pool

Briidea Pool Fountain for In-ground Above Ground Swimming Pools

•Great Fun For The whole Family

When you sit by the pool and get relaxed while the kids have a blast playing under the refreshing waterfalls, enjoy your best summer time in the pool! You will be the envy of your neighbors as you have more time to entertain guests year-round with a cool swimming pool. All members can hit the water for an instant taste of a cool summer.

•Nice Soothing Sound

It's very relaxing to enjoy the soothing sound of the waterfall when sitting around in the evenings by the pool, you and your family are gonna love this healing water sound.

•Serenity Ambience

The relaxing sound creates a calming atmosphere to help you forget the the annoyance and relieve the stress. Our waterfall fountain also provides a romantic addition to your pool decoration and add a nice charm to your hot summer.

•Circulate The Water Better

A great swimming pool sprinkler accessories to recirculate water and keep it fresh by introduce air to your filtered pool water in spray form. This process also keep your pool water from going stagnant.

Have Fun with Your Friends

Have Fun with Your Friends

Waterfall Fountain for Children and Pet

Waterfall Fountain for Children and Pet

Fountain for Thermal Springs

Fountain for Thermal Springs

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