Briidea Salt-Free Hard Water Softener without Limescale, Salt Chlorine Generator

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  • WORRY-FREE WATER QUALITY: Are you still worried about the poor water quality at home? The Briidea Water Descaler uses a new computerized water treatment system that eliminates the need for chemicals, salts or filters to address a variety of water quality issues such as odor, turbidity or scaling, leaving beneficial minerals in the water. It also provides you with a healthy water environment
  • EFFECTIVE SCALE REMOVAL: Long-term use of hard water is harmful to health. Electronic water conditioners can work in 25gpg hard water. Through the frequency-adjustable electromagnetic waveform, beneficial ions are combined with molecules to dissolve scale deposits. Long-term use of Briidea electronic water conditioner will greatly improve the water quality, and the removal of scale will also help prolong the service life of household appliances
  • HEALTH BENEFITS OF WATER QUALITY: Water treated with electronic water conditioners retains beneficial minerals. Treated water also allows soap to lather more efficiently and alleviates the health problems that hard water can cause. Such as: skin problems are relatively reduced, hair quality has improved to a certain extent
  • NO ADDITIONAL ADDITIVES REQUIRED: The electronic water conditioner breaks down limescale without changing the water chemistry. You do not need to add any chemicals, such as traditional water softeners, salt, etc., you can effectively soften the water, which saves you extra costs, and you don't have to worry about the harmful substances that produced by using additives
  • UNIVERSAL APPLICABILITY: Our Water Descaler is suitable for pipes of any material, easy to install, you can install it without any tools or professional help, basically maintenance-free, saving time and effort


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