briidea Power Return Alarm, Utility Power Back on Alert for Generator, Loud Siren with LED Indicator

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  • PRATICAL POWER BACK ALARM: This utility power return alarm is mainly used during a power outage, its voltage sensing antennae can detect the voltage change. Once the utility power is restored, the power back alarm will emit a loud siren. Equipped with this product, you can know exactly when the utility power is restored and turn off the generator in time, reducing unnecessary power waste.
  • ADJUSTABLE SENSITIVITY: The sensitivity of power induction can be adjusted. Adjust the sensitivity of the current sensing antennae's power induction according to the actual situation until the alarm sounds to truly detect the utility power recovery.
  • SUPER COMPATIBLE: Works with any new or existing: Generator-ready load center, manual transfer panel, standby system expansion panel, main breaker panel with generator interlock. This handy alarm is suitable for all the family.
  • LOUD ALARM: The power back alert sounds a loud 100dB alarm when the power outage ends and utility power is again available and it keeps on until you turn OFF the switch, so you'll be sure to hear it either from your basement or over your generator!
  • EASY INSTALLATION: This power return alert is intended for installation on any manual transfer panel or generator-ready load center and can be done in minutes. To install simply mount the product within 20 inches of the main breaker with included 3M tape or screws. And you are free from the hassle of checking your neighbor's house from time to time!

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