Briidea Power Consumption Watt Voltage Amp Meter Tester with Electricity Analyzer Monitoring Device for Energy Saving

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  • NEW DESIGN: Our new electricity usage monitor with 2 outlets design can allow you monitor the power consumption of two electronic devices at the same time. Monitor each machine independently, without affecting each other
  • POWER OFF MEMORY FUNCTION: With standard memory function, the CT and EC-KWH of electrical power consumption can be retained in the event of a power failure. And you can clear them manually
  • SAFETY & OVERLOAD TIP: Full ABS flame retardant material housing, and equipped with 14AWG heavy duty extension cord, performances excellent heat resistance. When the rated power exceeds 1200W, a warning will remind you to cut off the power in time
  • ACCURATE MONITORING: Electricity analyzer monitoring device equippeds with a high-precision current sensor and high-resolution real-time monitoring. You can measure power(W), volts, amps, hertz, kilowatt-hours(EC), cumulative time(CT) and power factor accurately
  • WIDE APPLICATION & EASY TO USE: Watt voltage amps meter tester can connected to TV, refrigerator, water purifier, HIFI System and other household appliances. It can be monitored easily when the device is connected


Our device can monitor the standby or power consumption of two electronic devices at the same time to meet your multi-device monitoring needs by simply connecting to a standard socket and then plugging the device into the unit. Now you can calculate power consumption in kilowatt-hours and evaluate the devices that are actually worth keeping connected to. You can also check power quality by monitoring voltage, ampere, frequency, and power factor.

This product requires no installation, plug and play, easy to use.


Power Input: 120-220V 50/60Hz

Power Factor : 0.001-1.000

Resolution : 0.01W, 0.001A, 0.01V

Maximum Rated Current: 10A(Single port)

Outlet Amount: Two outlets

Maximum power: Output 1: 1200W(120V/10A)

Output 2: 1200W(120V/ 10A)

Testable Range: >0.20 W.

Maximum Electricity Consumption(EC): 99,999kWh

Maximum Cumulative Time(CT): 99,999 minutes

Accuracy Standard: Class 1.0

Power Dissipation: <1.00W

Inner & Outer Material: ABS+PC flame retarding material

Working Temperature: 0~45℃

Storage Temperature: -20~60℃

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