briidea Home Integration Generator Transfer Switch Kit, 15 Amp 120V 4-Circuit Indoor/Outdoor Generator Transfer Switches with IP 67 Waterproof, Prewired, All Ready for a Next Power Outage

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  • POWER YOUR HOME DURING EMERGENCIES: Don't let blackouts hold you back! With the Briidea outdoor generator transfer switches, you can simply press a switch during power outages and seamlessly transition from your main power source to your generator quickly and safely, powering up to 4 critical devices in your home.Take control of any power outage situation and ensure uninterrupted comfort and safety in your home. Choose Briidea and never be left in the dark again
  • DESIGNED FOR INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE: Are you looking for a transfer switch kit that can be used both indoors and outdoors? The briidea transfer switch with a durable metal casing, coated with rust-proof powder, and boasting an impressive IP67 waterproof rating, you can be sure that our switch kit will provide unbeatable protection in even the most extreme environments. It's the ultimate choice for all your indoor and outdoor needs
  • UL LISTED: For safe, reliable and a longer-lasting power, the 4-circuit switch, circuit breaker, socket, and 10ft 14AWG power cord are all meet UL certified. All accessories are includes, it's a must-have for every generator owner. Don't let subpar power components leave you in the dark - choose Briidea UL certified set and power up with confidence
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Prewired, all with wiring labels, and resered wiring holes of different sizes to make installation faster and easier. The door can remain open at 90 degrees, freeing up your hands during wiring for a hassle-free experience. Warm reminders: if you're unsure of your electrical skills, we recommend hiring a professional electrician for installation peace of mind. Upgrade your wiring game today
  • STRONG COMPATIBILITY: Suitable for 15 Amp 120V generators, and is compatible with Bluetti, Champion, Yeti, Generac, Westinghouse and other brands of generators. Don't wait for the lights to go out, be prepare for the next outage with our must-have transfer switch
Choose Briidea and never be left in the dark again

Imagine this: It's the dead of night, and a ferocious storm is pummeling your home. Out of nowhere, the power abruptly goes out. But don't panic - you have our Home Integration Switch Kit at the ready! With a quick press of a switch, you can keep your 4-circuit essential appliances up and running during the power outage, including your refrigerator/freezer, lighting equipment, well pump, and water heater, sump pump etc., ensuring that your food stays fresh and your home stays comfortable

The unique design of the socket

Contains all the components required for installation

The power outlet door can remain open at 90 degrees

IP67 waterproof rating

The unique design of the socket allows the plug to be fully covered, providing added peace of mind when using it outdoors

Effortlessly breeze through installation with our all-inclusive component package, designed for your ultimate convenience

The power outlet door can remain open at 90 degrees, you don't have to hold the door or worry about the door closing when wiring, which is convenient for you

With a sturdy metal casing, anti-rust powder coating, and IP67 waterproof rating, you can enjoy reliable switch functionality in any weather conditions. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use

Easily cope with any power outage

Choose Briidea home integration generator transfer switch, easily cope with any power outage

keep your home warm and toasty

No more worrying about stocking up on gasoline, dealing with obnoxious fumes, or untangling messy cords! - our Briidea transfer switch kit is hassle-free and easy to use, is your ideal choice

Powering up to 4 critical devices in your home

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