briidea Bed Alarms and Fall Prevention for Elderly with 20'' * 28'' Weight Sensing Bed Pad (Wireless Alarm Included)

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  • INSTANT ALERTS: Our bed pad are highly sensitive, and when your loved one or patient is detected leaving the pad, the wireless alarm will alert the caregiver immediately, effectively reducing the risk of falls. It is suitable to place the bed sensor pad under your elder's shoulder blades or buttocks underneath the fitted sheet
  • A LARGER BED PAD: Includes a larger 20'' * 28'' weight sensing bed alarm pad to increase the sensing area and reducing false alarms due to restlessness, shifting and turning over
  • SAFE & LATEX-FREE BED PAD: The bed pad alarm is made of a waterproof nylon fabric that provides incontinence protection and is easy to clean. Latex free, perfect for people with sensitive skin. The bed pad has a lifespan of 1 year with daily use
  • REDUCING FALLS FROM BED: Our bed pad is powered by power adapter (5V, no safety risks), plug and play, no batteries required, easy to carry, to avoid the risk of missed alerts if the battery runs out in the middle of the night, you can rest assured to use it
  • ELIMINATE NOISE FROM PATIENTS ROOM: The bed alarms for elderly can be installed in any convenient location away from the elderly, ensures that your loved one or patient does not get startled because that could result in a fall. The alarm range is up to 300ft and the volume can be adjustable (3 levels), which you can adjust to your needs to eliminate indoor alarm noise and provide a quieter living environment for your family. Allow alarm reset

    As a caregiver you sacrifice a bit of yourself every day to care for your aging loved one or patients, which can lead to stress and burnout for you as a caretaker. Our briidea wireless bed pad alarm will give you the ability to move freely with the confidence that you will be alerted, when the elderly or patients get up

    Spec & Features

    - Includes a bed pad and a wireless alarm

    - 20" x 28" weight sensing bed alarm pad is made of a waterproof nylon fabric, latex-free

    - Provides incontinence protection, and is easy to clean

    - Plug and play, batteries free

    Safety Information

    Please note: Wireless bed pad alarm don't specifically prevent falls but they do alert caregivers as soon as a senior gets out of bed. This early warning can greatly reduce the chance of a fall injury though

    Legal Disclaimer

    Warning: The manufacturer does not claim that this device will stop falls. The device is designed to augment caregiver's comprehensive resident mobility management program. Test this device before each use

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