Briidea Automatic Roof De-Icing Heat Cable Control with Large Capacity 1800W, LED Indicator, Ideal for Roof Heater Control

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  • SMART CONTROL: Say goodbye to the hassle of manually unplugging cables, Briidea controller with temperature and water level sensing automates the management of roof heating cables on and off, ensuring sensible and efficient electricity consumption, giving you peace of mind on the go and enabling precise control, effectively reducing unintended electricity expenses
  • With an LED indicator display, you can effortlessly monitor the power status, operational status, water level status, and temperature status, enabling you to conveniently and effectively keep tabs on the equipment's performance
  • EFFICIENT & SAFE: The product adopts PC+ABS V0 grade flame retardant shell to avoid fire hazards. 14AWG UL-certified copper wire is strong and durable, safe and secure, you can rest assured to buy and use
  • SUPPORTS HIGH POWER OUTPUT: Compared to other controllers, Briidea controller supports up to 1800 watts of power output, providing excellent control of your whole house cables with only 1 unit
  • FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION: The product can be fixed with screws or installed without holes, any of the 2 ways to choose
Briidea automatic cable control for roof de-icing cables and gutter heat cables
Temperature Control

Briidea Roof De-icing Cable Controller supports up to 1800 watts of power output, with a panel containing indicator lights, easy to read the status of the equipment, mainly used to automate the control of roof heating/de-icing cable work status. Compared to the heating cable (starting to work below 3°C and shutting down at greater than 10°C) with its own thermostat, the Briidea Controller is triggered to heat up and shut down at a lower temperature (starting to work below 0°C and shutting down at greater than 2°C), saving more money on electricity, and has a humidity sensor requiring water to exist before heating, making it safer and more reliable, is your ideal choice.

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