Briidea 140W Dog House Heater, 40℉-140℉ Adjustable Temperature & Anti Chew Cord, Ultra-Quiet & Ultra-Thin Design, Heater for Chicken Coops, Rabbit Cages, Cat House, Keep Your Pets Warm in Winter

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  • PET ESSENTIALS: Winter Comfort for Your Beloved Pet! The Briidea New Upgraded 140W Dog House Heater, featuring unique heating technology for even more powerful warmth. Help your cherished pet effortlessly brave the chilly winds, and provide them with an unprecedented winter pampering experience
  • UNIQUE HEAT DISSIPATION TECHNOLOGY: The doghouse heater utilizes a distinctive heat dissipation technology. With the dual-turbine technique, the warmth from the heated air can efficiently diffuse throughout the entire doghouse, ensuring that your beloved pet constantly experiences a warm embrace, providing them with a more enduring and effective insulation effect
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE: Temperature can be adjusted within the range of 40°F to 140°F. You can choose the most comfortable temperature for your beloved pet based on the ambient temperature, enhancing their sense of happiness
  • WIRE CHEW PROTECTION: We understand that dogs are naturally curious, and it's not uncommon for them to chew on wires out of curiosity. This behavior can lead to serious electric shock or even fire hazards. The Briidea 8.2ft power cord comes with wire chew protection, effectively preventing dogs from ingesting or chewing on the wires. It creates a safe environment for your beloved pet, allowing them to enjoy worry-free and cozy moments
  • CONVENIENT AND VERSATILE INSTALLATION: Providing optimal care for your beloved pets, the dog house heater features an easy-to-use bracket and hook installation, making it simple to operate. Moreover, the heater can also provide warmth for other adorable companions such as chicks, kittens, and rabbits, catering to a diverse range of pet needs

Provide your beloved pet with a warm and cozy living environment even during the cold seasons. The Briidea heater, specially designed for outdoor dog houses, aims to offer warmth and care to your loyal companion, ensuring its comfort and happiness in chilly weather





The wire with chew-resistant protection can prevent pets from damaging the wires, thereby reducing safety risks such as electric shocks and fires. Protect the safety of your furry pet

Temperature can be adjusted within the range of 40°F to 140°F. You can choose the most comfortable temperature for your fur baby based on the ambient temperature, enhancing their sense of happiness

To ensure your usage safety, our power cords have been meet UL certified, providing you with dependable security

We understand the sensitivity of pets to noise, which is why we've crafted a unique whisper-quiet operation mode. Rest assured, our heater operates silently, ensuring it won't disrupt your pet's well-deserved rest


The Briidea dog house heater features a convenient dual-bracket hook installation design, allowing it to be easily and securely hung on the wall, makes it an essential choice for your pet, providing them with a snug haven that they can't do without


Compared with other products, we've incorporated an ultra-thin design in terms of appearance, providing pets with warmth without encroaching upon their living space, thus making them happier


Whether it's during the chilly winter or the damp, cool autumn, a doghouse heater can provide your pets or livestock with a warm and cozy haven. Our dog house heater is dedicated to offering pets the finest living experience, ensuring your loyal companion feels the utmost care and warmth. Opt for the comfort dog house heater to create a welcoming home for your pet in the cold winter

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