Battery Trolling Plug 12V/24V DC to DC Connector, Briidea Trolling Motor Plug with Battery Voltage Meter (8-30V), Easier Operation, Superior Anti-rust and Corrosion for Freshwater and Saltwater

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  • STABLE POWER SUPPLY BOAT CONNECTOR: No need to worry about power supply issues for your boat anymore. The Briidea self-locking connector is specifically designed for crucial electrical connections between boat battery systems and trolling motors, ensuring a stable connection for your boat's power at all times, and making the connection/disconnection process convenient, allowing you to enjoy your fishing trip to the fullest
  • BATTERY VOLTAGE MONITORING: Compatible with other products, the connectors come with a battery voltage meter (8-30V), allowing you to easily check the current power level and health status of the battery at any time. This helps ensure that your battery won't suddenly fail due to low charge during your fishing activities, thus increasing the reliability and safety of your fishing experience. Note: The voltage gauge will automatically turn off when the device plug is disconnected, without consumin
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN: The connectors are made of high-quality gold-plated brass, ensuring excellent rust and corrosion resistance. The wires are 8 AWG power cables (compatible with 6-10 AWG wire sizes), ensuring exceptional durability and reliability. They come with a self-locking feature to prevent disconnection due to vibrations. Additionally, the connection process has been optimized, allowing for easy one-handed insertion and removal, providing unparalleled convenience for your use
  • IP67 WATERPROOF DESIGN: Utilizing an IP67-rated waterproof design, we ensure that your battery and device remain unaffected by weather conditions. Additionally, the device is equipped with waterproof panel gaskets, effectively preventing seepage of seawater and rainwater, offering connector comprehensive protection
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED: Easy installation, with all the necessary components included in the package. Compatible with all 12/24V DC-DC power-connected trolling motor plugs. Whether in fresh water or saltwater, our self-locking connectors are essential accessories for enhancing the performance of your boat

Whether you're a fishing enthusiast, leisure boat operator, or professional mariner, the Briidea Trolling Motor Plug and Receptacle will provide you with a dependable power connection for the smooth operation of your vessel. Don't miss out on this essential accessory to enhance your boat's performance!




Compared with other products, the Briidea connector features a battery voltage meter (8-30V) for your convenience, allowing you to monitor your battery's power level and health anytime. The voltage meter automatically turns off when you unplug the device, ensuring no extra battery drain, giving you peace of mind then

Utilizing an IP67-rated waterproof design, we ensure that your battery and device remain unaffected by weather conditions

Comes with all the accessories you need, saving your time and money—no need for separate purchases


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