Add-A-Wire Accessory, Briidea Common Wire Kit for All 24VAC Thermostats (4 to 5 Wires), White

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  • ★Makes one wire works like two
  • ★To add a common wire to a 4-wire system, or to add cooling to a heat-only system
  • ★For use with all 24VAC systems
  • ★Includes yellow, green, blue wire splice (directionally sensitive)
  • ★Cannot be used as ''R'' power or ''C'' common wire

Product Description:

In applications where additional wiring cannot be run to your programmable digital thermostat, the Briidea Add-A-Wire accessory can be used to add a wire to the thermostat. The accessory can also be used for fixing a broken wire, to make one thermostat work like two, to add cooling to a heat-only system. Allows 5 wire thermostats to use only 4 wires, also allows 5 wires to work like 6 wires. Includes yellow, green, blue wire splice and 2 wire nuts. For use with all 24V AC systems. Briidea provides friendly customer service and a 12-month warranty on the product.


Please note that the green and yellow wires of the ''Y'' may not be connected to the R or C terminal of the thermostat. (The function of a diode is to allow current in one direction and to block current in the opposite direction.)



-Includes Yellow, Green, Blue wire splice (directionally sensitive)

-Includes 4 wire nuts

-Makes one wire work like two

-For use with 24-volt HVAC systems

-Wires running from Add-A-Wire accessory are 9 inches long

-Max distance for Add-A-Wire using 18-gauge wire is 100 feet

-Mounts inside equipment (not for outdoor use)

-Cannot be used as ''R'' power or ''C'' common wire


Package Contents:

-1 * Add-A-Wire Accessory

-1 * Y Wire

-4 * Wire Nuts

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