Automatic Transfer Switch, Briidea 120 VAC 16 AMP ATS Auto Transfer Switch for Inverter and Main Powers, UL Listed, Suitable for Use in Boats, RVs, Solar Power Systems, Motorhomes

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  • PPROFEEIONAL POWER AUTOMATIC SWITCH: The 16A Power Automatic Switch supports two power inputs (inverter and mains power). When both power sources are available, you can choose the priority according to your needs: Master or Slave. In case of a power failure, it can quickly switch from the inverter to mains power or vice versa, ensuring uninterrupted operation of your devices. It features a design with ultra-low power consumption
  • QUICKLY TRANSTER: With our automatic power switch, you can seamlessly switch between power sources. Our intelligent control ensures the utmost safety during the switch, leaving you with no worries. The transfer time is less than or equal to 2 seconds, without any impact on your daily life
  • SAFETY PROTECTION: The power automatic switch is equipped with two top-notch relays certified by UL, with certifications under the numbers E134517 and E133481. These relays ensure accurate switching thresholds, giving you peace of mind when purchasing and using the switch. The housing is constructed from flame-retardant material, ensuring maximum safety
  • WATERPROOF DESIGN: With an IP55 weather resistance rating, this power switch is designed to safeguard against rain, snow, dust, and other adverse weather conditions. It is also resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring its durability and making it an excellent choice for outdoor use
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Recommended resistive load of 2800W. Sensory load of 550W, making it highly suitable for use in automobiles, boats, camping, outdoor activities, RVs, motorhomes, solar power systems, and more

In an RV, the equipment is typically powered by an inverter or by connecting the RV's external outlet to a 120V power supply at the campground. If you connect an external power source through the external outlet without first disconnecting the inverter from the power source, it may damage the inverter or the appliances. In case of a power failure, our power automatic transfer switch can automatically select between the two available power sources for you. It can quickly switch from the inverter to the grid power or vice versa, without causing any damage to the inverter or the electrical devices. When both power sources are available, you can choose the priority based on your needs: Master or Slave.



Input Voltage: 2* AC 120V

                       ~ with max. 16A each

Output Voltage: AC 120V

                         Max. 16A

Recommended power output: Resistive load: approx. 1920W

                                                 Inductive load: approx. 380W

Transfer time: about 2 seconds

Power consumption: Master: approx. 1.8 watts

                                  Slave: approx. 1 watt

Operating temperature: -4℉ ~ 140℉

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